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2009 NFL Free Agency: Kurt Warner's the new Michael Vick

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Over the last two months, folks were floating rumors that the 49ers were interested in Michael Vick.  It started when the 49ers were talking to Dan Reeves.  There was some denial and it seemed to die down.  Then the front office didn't exactly offer strong denials when asked about Vick at the fan event.  That led to more rumors that they were interested.  The 49ers offered a more firm denial and that seemed to kill the rumor once and for all.

Now we have the new rumor du jour (mmm, that sounds good, I'll have that - couldn't find the actual clip): Kurt Warner might be interested in coming to San Francisco.  Barrows is really not buying it, while Maiocco seems a little less inclined to write it off completely.  Now, Kurt Warner is actually scheduled to visit the 49ers on Monday.  Of course, as Maiocco pointed out, "The fear among some individuals in the 49ers organization is that Warner might cancel his trip to the Bay Area and re-sign with the Cardinals on Sunday."

For me, if Warner re-signs with the Cardinals, it's really no big loss.  I think the folks who have this "fear" are the ones who a) think the 49ers have a good shot at him if he comes to town and b) really, really want him.  I think if Warner came to town, nothing would be guaranteed because I think he's truly conflicted on this.  However, you know his agent has to love the leverage he's getting from the 49ers.

Either way, I'll be away from my computer most of the morning, so consider this an open thread for any Warner updates (and all other updates).  I'm scheduling this post the night before, so if something happens after 7pm Saturday night it won't be in here.

A quick review of Saturday reviews a little of this and that.  Obviously the Cassel trade to KC is big, particularly with the exposed rumors about Jay Cutler being shopped before the deal went down.  Obviously he can't be too pleased about that.  Who would you rather have heading into 2009, Jay Cutler or Matt Cassel?  I'm a Cutler guy, but who knows.

The 49ers only news was locking down Brandon Jones for five years.  I certainly hope he can step it up a notch, but I'll wait to pass judgment. Some folks definitely are not down with this signing and I can understand why.  It's slightly underwhelming, but I'd like to think it might surprise us.   Other than that they've got Demetric Evans coming to town Monday.  Although I could be wrong, I'd imagine today will be relatively quiet.  Right now it's mostly visits planned around the league.  If anything does go down, feel free to post it in here.  Once I get back online I'll make sure and post any updates.