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Golden Nuggets: Kurt Warner...? Really?

Morning, morning everyone. James here once again, sick as ever! So this Kurt Warner nonsense wont go away and I'm really wondering why. I don't see him as a good fit here, I don't like him at that price, I don't feel like he's any better than Shaun Hill and I don't see how he fixes any problems considering we need a future not a present. I wont be upset if we sign him, just wondering why we didn't spend money elsewhere. If you don't know what I'm talkin' about you'll understand when you read on and click on a few links. (In short, Kurt Warner talking with San Francisco, visiting, etc. Things of that nature.) Free agency is plugging on and the Niners aren't being TOO busy with things though we've made a couple signings. Either way read the links and whatnot and enjoy. If I missed anything feel free to comment.

Well with all the Kurt Warner news, take a look at this interview with his agent. (

And here's some linkage on Kurt Warner visiting SF. (

The 49ers signed WR Brandon Jones, previously of the Titans. (

This is pretty much impossible and not even within the scope of consideration, but it got me thinking. Jay Cutler to the 49ers? Believe. (

Woooh our newly signed receiver has uh... ... fantasy value? (

The Lions got Bryant Johnson. I wish him luck. (Or maybe them luck?) (

And lastly (for now, hopefully) a look at the 49ers receivers. Gotta admit, Ziggy is still my favorite. (