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DE Chris Canty signs with New York Giants

I have to admit this one bums me out a little bit.  Adam Schefter is reporting that the New York Giants have signed DE Chris Canty to a 6 year, $42 million deal that includes $17.25 million in guaranteed money.  The Giants have been quite active in re-tooling their defense, adding DT Rocky Bernard and LB Michael Boley.

The 49ers were rumored to be interested, but it's not all that surprising that Canty didn't get out of New York without a new contract.  I'm disappointed because Canty could have been a significant upgrade at defensive end in the 49ers 3-4.  I'm a Ray McDonald fan, but I see him as more of just a pure pass rusher.  The 3-4 defensive line gets sacks, but is just as important in occupying bodies to open up holes for the linebackers.

No Canty likely means Isaac Sopoaga and Kentwan Balmer will not be moving inside more often, which was something intimated with a potential Canty signing.