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Golden Nuggets: I Miss Maiocco

Good morning or afternoon or evening, whichever fits as you read my words. James here, as always. I gotta say I'm really suffering from this absence of Maiocco. His blog is most certainly the first thing I chek daily and I still find myself clicking it even though I know there's going to be nothing there. Its just, when there was always lack of news, I could supplment it with an interesting article for Maiocco. I mean, if I didn't have Barrows you'd seriously have no news whatsoever and it'd just be my horrid introductions over and over and over until it stretched across the entire page. Its a terrifying thought, I'll give you that. Anyway, I'll give you what I got today, all worth reading so no worries. Enjoy.

And here we have another article on the stadium situation... I really don't want to share one. Really. (

Taking a look at the 49ers draft history. I don't have too many complaints here. (

Did Singletary want T.O.? Hmmm, not sure about the "source." (

Tomorrow we're being visited by a potential signee, free agent CB Karl Paymah. (

Catching up with ex-49er Russ Francis. (

Some of the best photos of 2008 for the 49ers. (

Barrows takes a look at our O-line and what can be done. (

That's all for now folks.