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Golden Nuggets: Smith, for the future?

Hello, all. James here with your Nuggets for the day. So there was some pretty good news yesterday, about Smith signing a new contract with the 49ers. This is good because it gives us a young talent at the position, and pending good playing, a QB of the future. I really want to believe in Alex, I want him to do good. I feel like his best football is ahead of him if he works hard at it. I believe Hill needs to be the starter for next season, but Smith needs to work hard, be productive in the preseason, and he should get his shot come 2010. I only want him starting this coming season if he plays so well in the preseason that he's unquestionably better than Hill. That being said, I've got a few links for you, enjoy and what not.

As posted earlier, QB Alex Smith and the 49ers agreed to a new contract. I'm excited, to put it bluntly. He's looking for a fresh start. (

So what is the "real" Alex Smith? Which one will we be getting? (

Smith feels like he has unfinished business, and is excited about competing with fellow QB Shaun Hill. Shaun Hill wins, book it. (

We need to win now and prepare for the future. Hill then Smith, anyone? (

Barrows suggests we not forget about QB Damon Huard. I definitely have. (

Smith: Nice guy who probably should have moved on? (

Was it a bad move for Smith to stay? Man all these articles are getting annoying, but everyone's opinion is important. Well... OK, so not everyone's, but a couple people at least, right? (

KR/PR Allen Rossum and DE Demetric Evans official signed their contracts. (

How will the selling of the Great America theme park alter the 49ers stadium plans? (We have plans?) (

Here's a round-by-round order for the upcoming draft. (

Not exactly relating to the 49ers but an article about Jeff Garcia--why hasn't he been signed yet? (