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Golden Nuggets: Cutler? Really?... Really?

Hey guys, James here, and before I start let me vent some rage at this site. Not specifically Niners Nation, Fooch is great and the community we have here is top notch but these TALKING ADS THAT WONT SHUTUP EVERY TIME I LOAD A PAGE ON HERE... need to go away for a long time. Anyway, sorry folks. There's talks about Jay Cutler, we had another free agent visit us, and, while not being an incredibly productive day (yesterday) for the 49ers we have some news, and I have some links for you. Anyway, as for the Jay Cutler thing, I might say "lol" if I was so inclined to use such phrases, but I must be professional here. (lol) Anyway, read the links my good fellows, read the links.

Here's some Jay Cutler speculation, I'm not sure what to say about it really. (

Free agent CB Karl Paymah visited with the 49ers yesterday. (

An article about Cutler, Garcia, Smith, Hill... and yeah, you get the picture. (

While I don't necessarily agree with every aspect of this article its interesting nonetheless. Maybe now we can move on now that Smith has restructured? (

Anybody else interested in the UFL? I certainly am. Especially the SF team. (

So Alex Smith is ready for new beginnings here in San Francisco. I wish him the best of luck... for all of our sakes. (

A look back at a conference call circa 2005 about... you guessed it, Alex Smith. Oh irony... (