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Josh Morgan: How good is he?

I like to read over everybody's comments on the site in part because it's always good to hear what everybody has to say.  However, your comments are also a good source for story ideas.  That's the case today.  In the Reggie Smith at safety FanPost, the discussion quickly turned into a discussion about wide receiver Josh Morgan.

It seems like Josh Morgan has been getting hyped up since before training camp even began last year.  I'll admit I was quickly on the Morgan bandwagon (here, here and here).  However, as a 6th round pick it was certainly interesting how quickly things turned in his favor.  Once Bryant Johnson went down in that joint 49ers-Raiders practice Morgan was being projected as the #2 QB WR.

I found an old scouting report about Morgan and thought I'd roll them out again:

An enigmatic, inconsistent and underachieving talent who displays flashes of brilliance to be a top pro prospect but has issues with character and work ethic. Is a well-built athlete with impressive combination of size and speed who has good hands and displays burst out of his breaks. Uses his body well to adjust to passes and runs with strength and power. Lacks discipline and concentration and showed his frustration in college when the football did not come his way.

According to Morgan:

“Some of that inconsistency was just lack of concentration on my part, relaxing. That’s pretty much all that was, just lack of concentration. And then we had a quarterback controversy last year. That’s all that issue was, just getting used to the quarterback, finally getting into a groove, getting into a rhythm within our whole offense, and our whole offense just getting into rhythm.”

So looking back and forward, I wanted to open the FanPost discussion up to everybody.  Is Josh Morgan going to be the guy who steps up as the number 2 receiver in 2009?  Where does Jason Hill factor into this whole equation?  Same with Brandon Jones.  Long term (meaning post-Isaac Bruce), I would see the wide receivers settling in as follows:

#1 - Josh Morgan
#2 - Jason Hill
Deep Threat - Brandon Jones
Slot Receiver/possession type guy - Dominique Zeigler

Jones could very well be a big fat bust for us, but I'm just projecting based on what we've got.  As for Zeigler, I see him as the great hands guy who can move the chains from the slot.  He's got great hands and makes plays but is not a guy to stretch the field.

Do people agree with that sort of depth chart projection?  Do you see it another way?  If you think the 49ers need considerable help in their wide receiver corp, please point out how so.