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Golden Nuggets: Impressive... Andre Smith?

Morning, morning. James here and I'm getting the Nuggets up just a bit later than usual, I'm sure I've disappointed a whole lot of you. No..? Not at all? Well ahem... good, good then. Anyway, my idioticness aside (its a word, shutup) I'm going to get on with the Nuggets. (Look at that, ate up four lines and am working on five right now) Basically what I'm getting at here is that there's not a lot going on in Ninerland. There are, however, some quality articles, I'd rather post nothing than something you all shouldn't read. An interesting bit about Andre Smith in the first link, apparently some people were impressed? Really? I don't know about that but anyway, read on folks and enjoy the links I've provided.

Apparently the 49ers were "impressed" with Andre Smith... Really? (

Could to 49ers possibly be passing more than running next season? Could be. (

Here's more on the UFL. (

So how have we done in free agency? I think we've done OK, wish we would've been a bit more agressive. (

A few thoughts on one of SI's newest mock drafts in which we pick.. Stafford? I don't want him, I don't want him at all. I sincerely hope he doesn't fall to use and we make the mistake of picking him. (

We're not interested in Garcia? Really? Come on now, give us some news, PFT! (

A look at a potential draft pick WR Brian Robiskie. (

And for some reason I've found four or five articles talking about Alex Smith being a huge failure but having a hot wife, and one talking about him having a terrible throwing arm. I wont post them because I really shouldn't.