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Golden Nuggets: Just let me have my Clayton dreams, OK?

Hey everyone, how's it going? Man, starting without 'good morning' is just weird, so I'm never going to attempt that again. Anyway, I've got a fair bit of links for you to day. I'm mostly pondering Torry Holt, but I've also got Andre Smith and a surprise tenth pick (see below) floatin' around the ol' head. Not sure if I want Holt all too much, nor do I see him as being too excited to come to the 49ers. I'd like to see the younger receivers get more playing time. One thing to note is, it it sad that the thing I'm most looking forward to this entire upcoming season is seeing my boy, HB Thomas Clayton tear it up in the preaseason? I mean, I know the 49ers will likely never give him a regular season shot but a man can dream, right? They will be the best four games ever. .... EVER!

Taking a look at the 49ers regional scouts. I like reading about this stuff. (

Don't think we're just going to run it every play now. I have to figure that we're going to pass a bit more than you all might think. (

So do you think we're going after WR Torry Holt? I want to see him on the team, but I want to see more of the younger receivers. So basically, I'm conflicted and I really wont mind either way. (

As stated yesterday it does seem like the 49ers are interested in drafting OT Andre Smith, and here's some more opinions on the matter. (

Lombardi has the Niners picking an interesting prospect at number ten in his mock draft. I kind of like the pick, its growing on me. (

Here we've got yesterday's edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. Always a good read. (

Barrows takes a look at draft prospect OT Andre Smith, and whether or not we should take him off the board if he's there at ten. Another intersting note is the suggestion that the 49ers stop flirting with all these other CB's and just re-sign Donald Strickland. I agree. (

A look at one of the top running backs in the draft from the official website--not that I'm particular interested in him myself, Knowshon Moreno. (

Here's an article from a Jets blog I dug up in which Matthew Stafford is compared to Alex Smith. Heh... (