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What do mock drafts tell us? People are hung up on QBs and the 49ers

I finally updated our mock draft database last night and it got me thinking about the mocks that fly around out on the Internet. The Internet allows pretty much anybody but an uneducated chimpanzee to project their voice to the masses (just see yours truly). Due to that, the number of mock drafts increase every single year. I'd argue there's some sort of critical mass that will be reached, but given the stretch of the Internet, it would take a long time to reach that point.

I only have 31 mock drafts listed. That's not even remotely close to approaching the total number of mocks out there. However, I think it does give us a decent idea of what people are thinking out there. Which brings me to the QB at 10 phenomenon.

While more and more of the "educated" folks (Kiper, McShay) seem to be recognizing the 49ers will not be drafting a quarterback, quite a few random folks remain sold on the 49ers taking a QB. And these are relatively reputable sites including and Draft Countdown. Maybe not your ESPNs and SIs of the world, but still pretty well known sites.

So my question is this: Are the folks that are projecting Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford to the 49ers lazy, misinformed, some combination of that, or maybe something else?

I realize it's not easy to research all 32 teams. However, when it comes to a first round pick, particularly a top 10 pick, a little knowledge is important. I've posted a poll because I'm curious how many folks here would actually see the 49ers drafting a QB in the first round. For that third option (any other QB), feel free to include any potential trade down from 10 to lower in the first round.

Personally, I would really be quite surprised if the 49ers grabbed a quarterback in the first round. Shaun Hill and Alex Smith are signed for two more years. If neither steps up, there will be no extra chance for either guy. That would make it seem like the 49ers do have a desire for a QB in this draft. However, as I've said a million times before, I think the 49ers will wait until later in the draft to address that need.

So, what do folks think? Mock drafts obviously have to be taken with a grain of salt. However, I'd still like to hear folks thoughts on this little conundrum.