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Golden Nuggets: No QB at ten, PLEASE!

Morning everyone, how's it going, etc etc. James here. Today there's not a terribly large amount of news but depending on how you feel about a few players there can either be some good news or some not so good news. Three veteran players (See first link) aren't scheduled to attend the team's first mini-camp next week, and personally, I'm kind of happy for it. Its a step in the right direction. Also, more speculation on Torry Holt. If Bruce doesn't return, I guess sign the guy but I'm still just a little unsure. Anyway, not a ton of links, but I've got some for you. Go ahead and take a look, discuss in the comments, post your own, etc. And as always, enjoy.

Three veteran players aren't scheduled to attend the teams first mini-camp at the end of next week. I don't know how I feel about one of these, you know who. (

So do you want us to go after WR Torry Holt? We certainly could. (

Another mock has us taking Everette Brown. I'm not sure how I feel about the guy, personally. (

If we take a QB with the tenth pick so help me I'll.... well I wont do much, but I'll be very angry for a long time and you guys will have to hear about it. All the time. (

Stadium plans in Santa Clara are being delayed again. Huh. (

And to finish for now, a Q & A from Barrows, which are always great to read. (