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Hello from the Professor

Hey Nation! This is ProfessorBigelow, one of the two new editors here at Niners Nation. Fooch mentioned how he needed a bit of help keeping up with feeding your insatiable need for Niners news and speculation, so I volunteered my services, and Fooch was gracious enough to give me the keys to the car.

I wanted to give a quick autobiographical background so you can all know my perspective on the news events I’ll be keeping you updated on. I am a 23 year old male living in northern NJ (20 minutes away from NYC and the Meadowlands), but working in Princeton for a pharmaceutical drug research company, and working towards an M.S. in animal behavior. Being from NJ, I needed a place to vent the anguish that comes with being a Niners fan today, and as such I discovered this site and became such an active member in the NN community.

I was born in Glendale CA and raised in an L.A. Rams house and, being a confrontational adolescent, began rooting for SF because 1) It really [site decorum]ed off my dad, and 2) The 49ers were really good at the time (near the tail-end of the Joe Montana era). As time passed I began to embrace the Red and Gold with a new respect, learning the history and the greatness of the Niners while witnessing their continued dominance in the NFL. Even when Mooch left and we entered this short-term depression we are now (hopefully) coming out of, I was the one always optimistic and excited about the chances and future of the team. Now is a great time to be a 49ers fan – the team has shown as of late that they are dedicated in returning this team to greatness, and the fans are eagerly anticipating that return.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets get to the good stuff. I’ll be posting new articles every so often and keeping up on any breaking news stories for a good portion of the week. I’m a big fan of lists/rankings, so expect some topics such as ranking the entire Niners roster, comparing teams of the past (maybe with some help from howtheyscored?), and profiling/listing the members of the 49ers Gold Rush (something that has been overlooked for far too long).

I don’t have anything specific today because of a hectic weekend, but I just wanted to say hello to the thousands that visit this site on a daily basis, and express my excitement in working for the premier 49ers blog on the internet.

And as a nice little bow to wrap this story up, I give you "We are the 49ers". I've been humming the chorus all weekend; welcome to my hell.