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Welcome once again to new readers

Now that we're introducing a couple of new regular writers here at Niners Nation, the time is ripe for one last Yahoo-related welcome.  The Yahoo Sports partnership is a multi-step partnership and we have recently seen the second phase of the partnership kick in.  The 49ers Yahoo site now links to Niners Nation within the team report and will also link to our game threads in the box scores.  Good times for all.

I'm excited to have so many new members and I thought it was only proper to give those new folks an idea of who we are and what we do here at Niners Nation.  The site is continually evolving, so this is probably just as useful for the veterans, and even yours truly.

This site is a little over two years old and I actually think a quote from my first post ever is correct, but can be adjusted:

This blog is meant to be a community to create an on-going dialogue about all things team-related.  All opinions are allowed, as long as respect is shown towards others.  You can use this site to rant and rave about Kwame Harris's inability to block the pass rush, or you can provide evidence for why the 49ers should ONLY use zone blitzes on 3rd and long.

Not so surprisingly, both of those topics have been discussed at some point.  However, I think that first sentence is too limiting.  While this is a 49ers blog first, it is also a football blog.  Thus the reason I posted about the new NFLPA Executive Director and StrictlyFootball discussed the current demise of print newspapers.  This is particularly true in the offseason due to the lack of 49ers material at times.

No matter what though, the most important rule on this site is to treat your fellow commenters with some level of respect.  Mocking is certainly allowed, but there's no need to just be mean.  If you disagree with somebody, articulate your reasons.

The most important observation I can make about Niners Nation is that this is NOT a message board.  I check out message boards every so often at and 49ers Webzone and have seen initially intelligent conversations devolve into shouting matches where it's a question of who can spout the bigger insult.

I think the best explanation of what we do here was made over at Stampede Blue:

The advantage of a blog over a message board is we have writers who direct the conversations. I stress direct, and want people to realize that is not the same thing as control. If a discussion on the Cover-2 defense evolves into a discussion on who is the best defensive mind in football, that is fine. Heck, it's great! But if a discussion on Cover-2 morphs into a shouting match over who won the 2008 Presidential Election, that is when the discussion will get re-directed. I hope you can see the difference.

Also, one key thing for the more veteran readers, and something I think you've all done quite well to date.  When a new person joins the conversation, you are obviously more than welcome to disagree with things they say.  However, if they make any mistakes as far as traditional ways we've done things on the site, give them a heads-up about it so they can make the necessary adjustments.  People have been good about that so far, but just want to reinforce this issue.

Oh and for new folks, AVOID THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON.  I guarantee you'll get called on it.

I'm working to set up more a official community guidelines page, along with some instructional pages for your use.  In the meantime, here's an introduction on the best use of and how to use FanPosts and FanShots.  Also, here's our previous intro with some details on day to day items at Niners Nation.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you ever have any questions, feel free to comment anywhere, as long time readers will be happy to answer them.  Also, feel free to email me if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about the site.  Enjoy and GO NINERS!