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StrictlyFootball's Not So Strict Introduction

Hello Faithful, I am StrictlyFootball and I along with ProfessorBigelow are the new co-pilots for this jet known as NinersNation. After my drug and steroid tests came back negative (thanks Bigelow for the help) and had been given a clean bill of health, Fooch graciously, and under no influence, let me become an editor. I have been a member here at NN for a good year now and I have immersed myself in all things 49ers.

My past with the 49ers goes as far back as a car seat, and is as colorful as Adam Pacman Jones' rap sheet. When I was born the doctor didn't wrap me in a blanket; no instead my father draped me in red and gold and pinned the #16 to my back and handed me to my mother. There that jersey stood until that fateful day, April 22nd, 1993, the day Montana was traded. I of course being the mature five year old took it in stride... I tried flushing my jersey down the toilet.

While Steve Young continued the legacy of great QB play in San Francisco and even won a Super Bowl, I paid no heed. Then in 1997, I was given Madden 97. When I threw my first TD pass from Young to Rice the fire in me was rekindled. Birds sang, cats purred, and I loved my Niners again.

I continued to watch the 49ers through 2002 but once I reached the age of 14 the world started to change. I was rebelling against my parents, Eddie D was gone, and now there was this big mouthed WR calling my QB gay. I felt myself turning to the dark side, morphing into something, and an old man with thick bifocals dressed in a black jump suit started to speak to me. I tried to resist, but I was to weak and he was to strong. I had become a Raiders fan.

The next three years, which I call “The Dark Ages”, was one of such soul crushing animosity that I thought I would never make it out. But on December 4th 2005, an angel dressed in red and gold grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the blackness that had engrossed me. She took me to 49ers games, told me the tales of the glory days of the 49ers, and bought me a new Montana jersey. Since then I have been with the 49ers, and her, ever since.

Now that I have completely either bored you or made you queasy, I think it's about time I got to the meat and potatoes of it all. I believe Bigelow already accurately described what we'll be doing, so I'll be skipping that, and if you want to know more about me or my credentials then just take a gander at my profile.

What you can expect from me though, is to have an equal balance between serious news and a fan bias. My journalistic background makes me look at all aspects and stay with the facts, but that doesn't mean I won't make leaps here and there. I am a draft enthusiast and a believer in looking at all aspects of the game by not only looking at the players, but the guys who help shape, make, support, and run our team. Of course I also love to play the “What If?” game from time to time.

I will try to do the best that I can for this site, and hopefully leave you all with a better feeling than those towards T.O., or perhaps, dare I try, better than Dennis Erickson.

If anyone has any opinions or suggestions about what to write or what I have written about on this, or anything in the future, please feel free to comment or Email me.