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Golden Nuggets: Happy St. Paddies Day!

Morning everyone, James here on this awesome of holidays. Its probably my favorite one for lots of reasons which I wont get into. All I can say is, have a good St. Patricks Day! Now, on the Ninerland.. What do we have? Why more Jay Cutler speculation, of course! I like the idea at this point, I really do, but I cant see it happening under really any circumstance. First off, I'm not respecting Cutler too much as a person right now, but clearly he plays at a high level and I suppose that's what counts. (For a counter argument see Owens, Terrell) Anyway, there's not a terribly large amount of links today, but I'll post what I got in hopes that you get your fix for Niners news. Enjoy folks.

So would the 49ers be interested in Cutler? What's the right compensation for the guy? These are questions I cant answer and cant really even begin to form opinions on. (

This article mentions that the interest level in Cutler from the 49ers right now is "very little." (

This isn't 49er news but as 49ers fans I think you can all join me in this... LOL Raiders. (

Now that that's out of the way, a look at our safety position, which I believe will make or break our upcoming season. (

The 49ers officially begin their offseason conditioning program. (

Yep, the 49ers signed a safety and a linebacker, but I'm not really excited about it. (

The 49ers are worried about signing Torry Holt, mostly because of his bum knee. (

And to finish off, Cutler in San Fran will NOT happen. Thank you. (