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Golden Nuggets: Those helmets... are the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Hey everyone, good morning. James here (slightly late again) posting your Nuggets as fast as he can. Actually, he feels the need to ramble for a little bit first. First, check out the last link if you're confused about my headline. If you check out the first link, you'll understand why I'm excited (by the way, I'm excited). We're finally interested in an OT and I couldn't be happier with the selection. We need to sign this guy if he passes the physical--then we can get a pass-rusher in the first (unless we get Julius Peppers? See third link.) Besides that, there's not a lot of links, but I do have a... decent amount, its all pretty much good news anyway, with a bit more Cutler rambling thrown in. That being said here's the links, enjoy them, read them, love them, and thank me over and over for them.

So the 49ers are finally interested in an OT during free agency. (

An article looking at why we're not including T Jonas Jennings in our future plans, and a bit on the CB situation. (

So... Julius Peppers to the 49ers? Anybody? (

TE Billy Bajema and CB Donald Strickland are reportedly drawing interests from other teams. I'm OK with Bajema going, but I feel like we have a talent in Strickland... Then again my favorite CB on the Niners is Tarell Brown so... I dunno! (

A look at what our helmets... could have looked like, if but the angry voice of the fans didn't practically voice their coming suicides if the deal went through. (