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Golden Nuggets: Marvelous?

Morning everyone, James here with the Golden Nuggets. I'm getting them up early today, I kind of have somewhere to be, so I apologize in advance if anything is sloppy. I will note that there isn't a whole lot to work with today news-wise, so don't mistake lack of links for lack of effort. At any rate, I only have a couple, but you should definitely read them regardless. As soon as I can I'll get on and post some more, and as always, post some in the comments if you come across any. Big on my mind today is OT Marvel Smith. I don't know how I feel about him, its probably not a good idea when, you know, we wonder if he can produce as much as Jonas Jennings. Either way, here's some links for you.

T Marvel Smith officially visited the Niners yesterday for a meeting and a physical. (

A look at the hiring and firing of head coaches, where our (previous) own Steve Mariucci is mentioned. (

According to Marvel Smith's agent, the visit today went very well. (

Look for new 49ers unis this coming season. I can practically see Mr. Lam foaming at the mouth. (

How do you feel about Bruuuuuce possibly not returning? (

The NFL Total Access crew takes a look at the state of the 49ers. (

Not 49ers news, but general NFL rules, the competition committe is tryiing to make sure the Ed Hochuli call doesn't happen again. (

And due to lack of news, a look at Detroit's biggest criteria for being on their team. Haha. (