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Golden Nuggets: Come on down, Kurt.

Morning everyone, James here. There's not a whole lot going on in 49er land, there wasn't much to report yesterday so today's Nuggets are going to be pretty bare. For those of you on the edge of your seats, I'm just now entering the recovering stages for my sickness! Wooh! Anyway, looks like what we've got today is a visit from the Gray Beard (Kurt Warner) and a defensive end from the Redskins. I'm still unsure how I feel about the Kurt Warner situation, it kind of seems like at this stage in his career he's an "Arizona-or-bust" type of guy and an intense change or personnel would be required for him to fit for the Niners. Either way I'll stop with my opinions on the matter and give you your links.

So as it stands right now, Kurt Warner is still likely to visit today. Wow...(

Can Singletary persuade Warner to join the 49ers? Aside from a contract do you think Sing could have an impact on the matter? I think so. (

Can newly signed receiver Brandon Jones be a good deep threat for the Niners? (

More on Warner and a bit about defensive end Marques Douglas, who I agree should come back to San Fran. (

So how would you feel with Pat White at QB for the Niners? I like the guy a lot myself. (

And here's a report saying that Warner isn't serious about his visit with the 49ers. (

We'll close off with an always interesting Barrows Q&A. (