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49ers definitely raising the ante in the Kurt Warner sweepstakes

FOOCH'S UPDATE 4:15pm: Not to surprisingly, Warner won't be making his decision today.

"Nothing is going to happen tonight," said Mark Bartelstein, Warner's agent. "He's going to have to sit down and talk to his wife and me. We'll get through today and figure out what to do from there."

Now that Kurt Warner is officially in the building (with his better half in tow), this situation takes on a whole new level of significance.  The initial rumor was that this was all a ploy by Warner's agent to leverage a bigger deal out of Arizona.  If that is still the case, then kudos to Kurt Warner AND his agent for playing this all the way out.  I'm sure I could come up with more poker analogies, but I'll leave that to everyone else.

For now, we've got some commentary from Trent Dilfer on the 49ers-Warner-Cardinals love triangle.  Dilfer's most interesting comment is that Singletary is in fact open to "all kinds of things offensively."  Obviously that's not shocking, but given the comments up to this point, it certainly makes the team more amenable to Kurt Warner.

Arguments have ranged from salary to potential decapitation with a bad offensive line.  I continue to think the money isn't such a big issue.  Say they give him $15M this season (just for argument's sake).  They currently sit with approximately $25M in cap space, potentially $29M if the increase of $4M goes down.  Once they handle Jonas Jennings and Alex Smith, they clear another $10M in cap room.  Given that it would likely be a 2-year deal and 2010 is looking like a capless season, it's even less of an issue.

As for the physical issues...I think the 49ers were already looking at an offensive tackle as a possible 10th pick.  If they can find a solid option at right tackle, this offensive line could be quite solid in 2009.  You're looking at Heitman, Baas, Rachal, Staley and unnamed RT.  Rachal has a year under his belt and Staley will have a year at left tackle under his belt.  I actually think the offensive line will be solid in 2009.

As for the personnel issues, I think the 49ers receivers have the potential to be solid options.  Maybe not guys who will stretch the field a ton, but quality talent nonetheless.  We'll have plenty more to discuss on this issue so I'll just leave it at that.

Much more to come on this developing story...