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Golden Nuggets: Ok, now to actually pursue an OT.

Good morning everyone, James here. The 49ers have entered their first day of "voluntary" minicamp. We've got a ton of articles on that, so there's a lot of repetition but I've done my best to include the best ones, i.e different information and opinions from the "good writers." There's not much other than the minicamp and me celebrating for the non-return of T Jonas Jennings. Anyway, there's a fine amount of links, not a ton, but give me a break. I have more to do with my life than read about the Niners!... Ok, well no, I really don't. Well you're the one reading what I post, so hah. Either way, sorry for that, here's some good links for you. All of them, they're all good.

The Niners finally part ways with T Jonas Jennings. This is good, the guy had talent (or so I hear) but he was always injured. We need something more stable at the position, I've personally been sick of our offensive line play the past two seasons. (

Six months to go until the new season... It seems so far! (

A look at OC Jimmy Raye, and what he brings to the team. (

A look at the positions and what we've got to work with going into minicamp. (

A 49ers area scout takes a look at pro days. (

An article on WR Josh Morgan. I hope this guy does great things next season. (

Words of advice for Mike Singletary. (

I actually have more for you, I'll return and post them asap.