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2009 49ers Season truly under way: Voluntary Minicamp #1

First off, apologies for not having a post up earlier.  My AU Eagles took a big 14 lead early in the second half against Villanova and managed to blow it late to lose by 13.  Villanova is a good team but it's still a kick in the junk.  As much as I love the 49ers, if AU had pulled off the upset, it would have lept to my #1 sporting moment.  Needless to say I had a lot of beverages during and after the game to lessen the sting.  Hopefully your own team fairs better.

Back to the 49ers now.  Today is the kickoff of the "on-field season" with the first voluntary minicamp of the offseason.  Some of you may be wondering why so early.  As a "rookie coach" heading into 2009, Mike Singletary gets the extra official practice.

As Maiocco posted, the QB competition officially gets underway.  The QBs have been in with Jimmy Raye learning the new offense all week long so they get a chance to start putting it into play this weekend.  I realize this is just a simple workout, but I have to say, it has me a wee-bit excited.  Also, Maiocco has the line of the day:

In case you don't know what voluntary means in the NFL: It means if you don't volunteer to show up for practices, then you also won't mind volunteering to take a spot in the unemployment line.

Barrows posted eight questions that need to be answered over the course of the offseason.  This minicamp won't answer the questions, but it will definitely put us in that direction.  The questions are intriguing because they're not necessarily the most important questions (like who will be QB), but rather things that just need answers.  Three that I find most intriguing:

1. What's the deal at safety? We know that Dashon Goldson and Michael Lewis are penciled in as the starters. But who's behind them? Will newcomer Jimmy Williams be the No. 2 guy at both positions? Will erstwhile CBs Marcus Hudson or Reggie Smith get a look at safety?

3. Where will Ahmad Brooks play? Both Scot McCloughan and Mike Singletary feel the linebacker is teeming with potential. Do they make him a Will OLB who rushes the passer, or do they put him behind Patrick Willis at "Mike"? My guess - with TBC and Roderick Green gone, Brooks gets a chance to rush the passer. Does Jay Moore, who has struggled to convert from defensive end, go back to outside linebacker?

7. Who's going to wear the radio receiver for the defense? Mark Roman mostly wore it last year, but he's staying away from minicamp while he tries to orchestrate a trade. Willis didn't like wearing it. Do you give it to Goldson, who already has plenty on his plate as a first-time starter?

The Ahmad Brooks question is intriguing just because we hear about all the supposed talent of this guy but never what's actually happening.  Any thoughts on the Brooks situation?

Also, both Barrows and Maiocco mentioned it, but negotiations have not begun with Marvel Smith.  Apparently there is a slight delay in getting medical records.