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Golden Nuggets: Assistant Coaches... Silenced!

Morning everyone, James here. It seems the past few days I've been busier than I figured I'd be, but that's all going to be changing come tomorrows edition of the Nuggets as I'll be home finally. So, if I miss some things in today's Nuggets, I apologize but I'll do the best I can. As always, if you have a link, post it in the comments. But moving on to actual 49ers news... There's a bit today, mostly about the minicamp which just came to an end. Another interesting bit is that apparently, Singletary has apparently disallowed the assistant coaches to talk to the media. I've never really dealt with my team's head coach doing this so... I'm not sure how to react. Either way, its an interesting piece of news nonetheless. Enjoy the links I've got for ya.

So the first minicamp came to an end yesterday, and here's some notes. (

Singletary wants leaders on his team. (

As mentioned earlier, the 49ers assistant coaches will not be available to the media. (

I just love Shaun Hill's attitude. Just love it. (

A look at "Hamstring Hill." (

Please be true. Please be real. Please. Could Clayton be the full time backup at HB? (

We're looking to simplify our defense this coming season. (

Here's more on the defense from Maiocco. (

And here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (