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Golden Nuggets: Pain, says Singletary.

Morning everyone, James here with your nuggets for today. So I'm home and all that good stuff, no more rushed articles and what-not. Unfortunately, however, there's not a ton of links today so I don't have much for you. Just some more on the minicamp, more on the assistant coaches being told not to speak to the media, that kind of stuff. There's a lot of opinions and analysis, all-in-all if I post it, its worth a read. There's a few general NFL articles, two or three, and they're worth looking at. Especially that second one, take it in. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'm interested in everyone else's thoughts. That being said, here's your links, and enjoy (as always?)

Another post-minicamp article. It seems that HB Michael Robinson ran well, Gore seemed uninterested, and Vernon Davis has hands like an angel. Huh.. (

How would you feel about the draft moving to... late February? What? I don't know how I feel, I have to digest this. I'll post a comment later if some discussion gets going. (

A look at some of the things being decided by the NFL owners. (Safety, rule changes, etc) (

No, I don't want Stafford with the tenth pick. I don't care if he falls. No no no no no no no. That is all. (

So where do we need help most on the team? (

So, why did Singletary muzzle the assistant coaches? Speculation runs rampant. (

There is much pain in the coming months for this team. Singletary says so. (