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49ers get 5th and 7th round compensatory picks

Maiocco and Barrows are both reporting that the 49ers have been awarded two compensatory picks in the upcoming draft: one in the 5th round (#171) and one in the 7th round (#244). Any enterprising readers interested in looking at who has been drafted in those slots historically?  Is that a FanPost I smell?

Thirty-two compensatory picks were doled out this year.  They're based on a formula looking at free agents lost and signed.  For those curious, the breakdown of the 32 picks is as follows: Cincinnati  4, Tennessee  4, Chicago 3, New England 3, Seattle 3, Dallas 2, Jacksonville 2, San Diego 2, San Francisco 2, Arizona 1, Detroit 1, Indianapolis 1, Kansas City 1, New York Giants 1, Pittsburgh 1, Washington 1.

Also, compensatory picks cannot be traded so it doesn't give the 49ers any added value in terms of dealing picks.  However, it does give them an opportunity to find a couple more talents they might not otherwise grab.  We'll see if it pays off.