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Golden Nuggets: 5th and 7th? Not bad, I suppose.

Morning everyone, James here. I've had an... interesting day. Not a lot going on in Niners news, however. So today's Nuggets are going to be a little lacking, and that's an understatement. I've only got a couple of links for you, and as for actual "news" there's really nothing more than the compensatory picks in the upcoming draft. All I'm really thinking about right now is Manny Lawson, and him "bulking up." I really like the guy, and for some reason I really want him to succeed as a pass rusher. I wish he would've done that last season, then we wouldn't have to be taking a rusher with the tenth pick, like we're very likely going to do I believe. Anyway, on to the few links I've got for you this morning. Enjoy.

The 49ers got fifth and seventh round compensatory picks. (

Apparently the Lions are set to take OT Jason Smith with the first pick of the draft. What does this mean for the 49ers? (

Jed York may be the team president now, but he's not exactly new in the football world. (

Pro Football Central is having a eh.. NFC West special.. radio show? I don't know, I've never listened to these guys, but its Thursday, maybe worth a listen, just beware the bold print. (

Barrows hosts a Q & A. One of my favorite things in Ninerland. (

WR Josh Morgan has high hopes as a fantasy sleeper? (