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Sando: Jeff Fisher on Brandon Jones

Normally this would just be a link, but I thought it was worth posting separately.  Mike Sando ran into Titans coach Jeff Fisher and inquired about Brandon Jones.  There is some "negative energy" around the signing, so any positives are always welcome.  According to Sando, Fisher said, among other things:

"His personality. He is just fun to be around . . . He works hard. He takes coaching. He's just one of those guys you can tease with and joke around with, but you always knew he was going to do the best he could and work real hard."
. . .

"He's not an injury-prone person," Fisher said. "It was freak injuries. But if he puts the injuries behind him and stacks a couple years together, he'll be very productive."

Do you take what a former coach says with a grain of salt?  People in the NFL don't usually go on record with bad things about other people in the NFL.  Then there's the fact that the 49ers are playing the Titans this coming season so I'm sure Fisher probably would like to avoid any bulletin board material.

Jeff Fisher has always struck me as one of the good guys in the league so it doesn't surprise me that he would stay positive.  The way I look at it, if Jones busts his butt for Coach Singletary and Jimmy Raye, there's not much more that can be done.  If he ends up just not cutting it, that falls on the front office.  I guess we'll see.