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2009 Wonderlic test scores: Way to keep them confidential NFL

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Every year we read about the confidentiality of the Combine Wonderlic test scores.  And every year within a month numerous scores are released.  Some folks are certainly proud of their scores, while others might be less than thrilled that their score was released.  This year Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune was the man to release the leaked scores a couple days ago.  Some of the highlights (with more after the jump):

Matt Stafford: 38
Mark Sanchez: 28
Josh Freeman: 27

Wide Receivers
Jeremy Maclin: 25
Michael Crabtree: 15
Darrius Heyward-Bey: 14
Percy Harvin: 12
Hakeem Nicks: 11

Offensive Tackles
Eben Britton: 31
Eugene Monroe: 24
Jason Smith: 23
Michael Oher: 19
Andre Smith: 17

We had a practice Wonderlic in mid-February and explained that the exam measures a candidates ability to:

- Learn a specific job.
- Solve problems.
- Understand instructions.
- Apply knowledge to new situations.
- Benefit from specific job training.
- Be satisfied with a particular job.

Clearly this can be applied to the NFL.  Although it's slightly different problem solving, being able to analyze a situation and determine what you need to do is an essential (maybe the most essential) aspect of playing in the league.  This certainly applies most specifically to the QB, safeties and inside/middle linebackers among others.  Reading and reacting to a situation requires all six of the above skills.

We all realize that a high test score does not guarantee success in the NFL.  That's not exactly shocking.  However, given the amount of money being invested in these players, any additional measuring stick is essential.  Looking at the wide receivers, it certainly makes one wonder what's up with those scores.

One thing to also keep in mind is that we're not 100% sure that these scores are legit.  Vince Young supposedly scored a 6, but then a different score was released.  After the jump we've got some linebacker and defensive back scores and a few final thoughts.

Clay Matthews: 27
Brian Cushing: 23
Rey Maualuga: 15

Defensive Backs
Kevin Barnes: 41
Louis Delmas: 12

I understand why the NFL doesn't want to release the scores, but it'd certainly be nice for the fans to know more about the guys joining their favorite team.  Aside from leaks it will never happen, but one can always hope.  At the very least I think it'd be interesting to figure out NFL on-field success versus Wonderlic score.  I wonder if there's any correlation.