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Golden Nuggets: Thanks, Kwame!

Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. I'm getting them up a bit late, and I wont lie, I wasn't doing anything important. In fact, all I was doing was discussing the strong points of the movie Pi with a friend of mine. You can all forgive me, right? Ok, well that's good. Moving on, the news drought continues but I'm bolstered in confidence knowing that the draft is getting closer and closer... I can just smell the news and speculation! We've got a post from Fooch which I have to post. Just kidding, I'd link to Fooch every day if he'd let me. Anyway, beyond that there's really not that much, but I urge you to post any links you find yourself. That being said, enjoy the links (as always, of course.)

Make sure you take a look at Fooch's post about our draft picks that I'm about to push down below my nuggets. (Take THAT, Mr. Dictator Fooch.) (

A look at our compensatory picks and hey, a thank you to Kwame Harris! Wasn't he just.. great? (

A general article about FA, the draft, minicamp, how Singletary handles it, etc. Just read it. (

A bit late to the party, but hey, they're trying. Is there "trouble" brewing in SF? (

I'm unfamiliar with it but be sure to check out PFC's radio show tonight for Manny Lawson and Shaun Hill. (

A Q&A with WR Micheal Spurlock. (

That's all for now, there was a PFT article, but I cant find it at this point, and it was full of lies anyway. :D