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2009 SB Nation Mock Draft: Suggestions requested

The folks over at Mocking the Draft are running our annual NFL mock draft and it's almost time for the 49ers to pick.  The pick itself won't be posted until Sunday, but it's time to get some suggestions.  I'll be submitting the pick later tonight or early tomorrow (depending on how into the discussion people get).

At this point we've gotten through the Jaguars pick, meaning the Packers will pick and then the 49ers.  I'm getting on a plane to head to Las Vegas in a few hours (umm...need to boost Niners Nation revenue!) so I wanted to open this up for discussion for everybody.  If you make a suggestion, please offer a little insight and analysis on your pick.  It doesn't have to be super involved, but a good comment is likely to end up being quoted in my own analysis for MTD.

Through eight picks the following folks are gone.  It's not in this order because I figure I'll keep it a surprise and let you check it out on Mocking the Draft (they've posted the first two picks):

Brian Orakpo
Andre Smith
BJ Raji
Michael Crabtree
Eugene Monroe
Aaron Curry
Matt Stafford
Jason Smith

We're waiting for the Packers pick so I'd suggest posting two names in order of preference.  Maybe Everette Brown and Michael Oher are your choices.  Or maybe it's vice versa on those two.  Maybe you're embedded in the Mark Sanchez camp.  Whomever you want, let's hear your options.  Once I email the choice I'll close the comments here.  Also, I won't announce it until Sunday as that is when Mocking the Draft will be posting the pick.