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Golden Nuggets: Where I rant... a lot.

Morning everyone, James here (who else) with your Nuggets for today. Allow me to stretch this intro by taking just a short time to vent about what I think is wrong with the NFL these days... Roger Goodell. I wont go to indepth with it, but this man is doing everything he can to make this game less interesting to watch. If safety is the issue, fine, but those kickoff rules? Come on now. Don't even mess with my kickoffs, they're one of my favorite parts of the game, and you've managed to make them the newest edition to your No Fun League.... ... Anyway, moving on now, I've got a few links for you, all good stuff, got a couple things going on today in Ninerland with is good news for once. Enjoy.

The 49ers seem to be nearing a deal with OT Marvel Smith. Not sure how I feel about this one. Ask me later. (

Singletary, even after the "feud" with the assistant coaches, says that there's not a single coach on the team that he wouldn't keep. (

Goodell wants the season to be longer.. personally, I think its a terrible move and the guy needs to back off slightly on the... well, I'll keep these opinions clean. He needs to shutup. (

Singletary spent a good amount of time with reporters during his time in league meetings. (

Here's a nice Q&A with Joe Nedney. (

CB Donald Strickland signed with the Jets. This one actually doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I'm more of a Terell Brown kind of guy myself. (

Jeff Fisher speaks out on WR Brandon Jones. (