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Golden Nuggets: Not a lot today..

Morning everyone, I'm back again with your Nuggets for the day. I've spent all day watching NFL Network, posting on NFL boards, reading blogs, and I'm spent. That being said, you'd think I'd have a lot of links for you, right? Wrong, I don't have much at all, but that's mostly because there's not really any news right now. We're close to signing T Marvel Smith... still, Donald Strickland is uh... still gone, and yeah, that's about it. Regardless, I've still got a few links and I'll try and update if I get a chance to do so. Enjoy the links I've got for ya right now.

A general article on the 49ers, most noteably is the look at what CB Donald Strickland brought to the team. (

LB Parys Haralson is the most cost-effective 49er. Interesting, I really like the guy and I hope we lock him up sometime soon. (

A good article from Maiocco on the 49ers' needs as of right now. Can never have too many of these, no? (

Stafford left a bad impression with the 49ers. Good, I think the kids a bust personally. (

Over at WebZone they had a web chat with Kevin Lynch of the chronicle. Here's a transcript of it. (

Singletary still has no idea what Letterman is talking about. I almost didn't link here but then I saw the first (and I think only) comment on the article. My God, this chap is why I'm losing faith in the human race. (

Eye on the Midwest: Pro Days, a look at some of the pro days from the official website scouts. (