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New Uniforms to be Unveiled April 25th

Thats right people, the day is near. At the Santa Clara Convention Center, on April 25th, the opening day of the draft, from Noon to 4 pm, the 49ers franchise will unveil their new duds for the whole world to see, according to Barrows.

The uniforms will be unveiled before the Draft begins. As everyone expects, and as was hinted to at the State of the Franchise press conference, the uniforms should resemble the throwback uniforms of the past few seasons (no shadowing on the letters, stripes on the arms, grey facemask and a white stripe down the middle of the helmet - please god no Gray Poupon pants...). After the Niners make their first pick, Coach Singletary himself will show up to the convention center to address the crowd, followed by a Q&A session with a whole slew of Niners, announced by the Niners radio team of Gary Plummer and Ted Robinson (taking over for Starkey).

Tickets to the event for those who are interested are FREE and available first to season ticket holders, then to the general public, and can be reserved at the 49ers official website.

While not BREAKING NEWS, it is interesting, and something I know many people on this blog have been talking about for a while. The questions I pose to you Nation:

1) What are your feelings on the new uniforms (excited, nervous, angry, remorseful, hungry)?

2) How do you feel about Singletary showing up at this party while the draft is still taking place to pimp the new duds?