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Golden Nuggets: Marvelous, simply marvelous.

Good morning all, James here, etc etc. I'm really tired right now, but for once a bit has happened in 49erland. Most of it you've already seen around the site (most likely) and if not, well I've got some links for you. A bit about Marvel Smith signing, the new uniforms, all interesting reads. Beyond that, there's not much, I may have a few general articles, opinions, but those are normal. Should always read them, though. As always, if I've missed something (very likely today as I'm kind of in a hurry) please feel free to post the link in the comments section, it'd be very appreciated. Thanks, and enjoy your news for the day.

As you probably know already, we've added a fourth Smith to the roster, OT Marvel Smith, and we've released OT Jonas Jennings. (

The 49ers are unveiling new uniforms on April 25th. Yay? (

Do you think that the Marvel Smith signing helps the 49ers at all? I'm still not sold on it. (

Though, I do agree he gives us some flexibility in the draft. I don't want a tackle in the first round at all, really. (

Yesterday's edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. (

A former GM has us picking QB Mark Sanchez with the tenth pick. Ugh. (