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Golden Nuggets: Warner Watch Continues

Morning everyone, James here. Can you guess what the news is today? No, we didn't sign Warner but its still "up in the air." I'm really nervous, unsure of what's going to happen. I'm really not looking forward to the answer either but I'm supposed to make the Nuggets intro last awhile! I don't know, if we sign him "whatever," and if we don't well... I mean, I guess "whatever." I really have no opinion on the matter, the only upside I see is crippling the Cardinals organization and I do have to admit, that appeals to me A LOT. I really wish we would've spent more already, though. You see teams like the Giants and the Broncos addressing all these signings, they very clearly want to win. But the Niners are being so quiet, its almost like we think we've got a lot of pieces in place but I don't think we should be so proud/sure. Either way here's some links.

McCloughan on the Kurt Warner situation: "Its all up in the air." (

He returned home and is now considering the offer, and likely trying to get more money from Arizona. (

This article is great, talking about sports in San Francisco in general. (

Here's an interesting article about reuniting the Rams in San Fran, its interesting to say the least. (

Barrows talks about the Kurt Warner situation. (

And here's perhaps the most informative of the Warner articles talking about his visit. (

Arizona has apparently stepped up their offer slightly for Warner. (

The deal with FB Moran Norris is now official. (

Still no ruling about the pat-downs at Candlestick. (

Sorry about the length folks, I'll return in about an hour to search better but I've gotta run to do a few things. That's all for now.