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Golden Nuggets: Ahh, finally some draft prospects!

Morning, morning. James here with your Nuggets for today. Man, I'm so pumped for the draft. Not even just for my own team, I love draft day, I love seeing who the other teams pick, and either laugh at them or praise them accordingly. I didn't get to catch last season's draft so I'm definitely not missing this one. I'm hoping to get a ticket or two for the draft day party but I'm not getting too excited because I doubt I'll be able to. So anyway, on the Niner news... As you can expect, there's not a ton, but we've got some visits and what not from potential draftees. OT Michael Oher visited the 49ers on Friday and met with coaches and team officials. I feel like Oher would be a great addition to this football team, but at the same time I really don't want to address the line in the first round, I'd much prefer a pass rusher. Anyway, here's the links for today.

As stated. OT Michael Oher visited with the 49ers on Friday. He's considered a top four OT prospect. (

DT B.J. Raji is supposedly going to visit in the coming days as well. (

Barrows reports on a few more players who are getting extra interest from the Niners. I'm liking some of the looks thus far. (

This article states that our secondary is "wearing thin." While I agree we need to at least pick up one more corner, I feel that Tarell Brown is going to have a great upcoming season. (

Hm.. they don't seem like they're going to miss OT Marvel Smith so much, do they..? (

And that's all for right now!