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49ers 2009 Preseason Schedule Announced

Thanks to ProfessorBigelow for getting the FanPost up earlier.  I wanted to post this as a separate post for easier search purposes down the road.

Week 1: San Francisco vs. Denver Broncos (August 13-17)

Week 2: San Francisco vs. Oakland Raiders (August 20-24)

Week 3: San Francisco at Dallas Cowboys (August 27-31)

Week 4: San Francisco at San Diego Chargers (September 3-4)

The specific dates and times aren't set, but I've included the dates for when all games will be played in those specific weeks.

As Bigelow stated (from Sando), the 49ers get 3,812 miles of travel.  The Rams get 2,352, the Cardinals get 4,821 and the Seahawks get 5,080.

One thing I've found interesting year after year is that we always play the San Diego Chargers.  Well, at least since 2000 (can't find info before then).  Is it the NFL's way of throwing the 49ers a preseason schedule/travel bone?  Or maybe it's a way to get some all-California action?  In college basketball, I believe the Big 5 Philly Universities all play each other, so maybe it's something like that.

While it's not the most exciting schedule, it's certainly always entertaining to play the Cowboys.