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SBN NFL Mock Draft pick: Flexibility with an offensive lineman?

So, late last week I put up a post asking for suggestions of who I should select with the 49ers pick in the SB Nation NFL Mock Draft.  First off, thanks to everybody who offered suggestions.  The Packers ended up going with Everette Brown, so that eliminated that pick as an option.

Given the situation present at that point, I decided to go with Michael Oher, the big, burly offensive tackle out of Ole Miss.  In reality, (and I stated this accordingly), I think a trade down remains a distinct possibility.  However, given the context of the draft (no trades, which I am fine with), I think Oher was probably the best option available.  I realize some folks were screaming for Sanchez, but I just can't pull that trigger.  First, I don't see it happening and second, I really would prefer it not happen.

The folks at Mocking the Draft had some interesting analysis about the Oher pick:

I don't necessarily agree with Fooch on San Francisco's quarterback situation. New coach Mike Singletary, could hedge his success on Sanchez (who would be immediately popular with the general fan base). Oher, though, is a sound pick. If the 49ers want to improve, Frank Gore has to have a better line in front of him. Oher could start immediately at left tackle or guard if the team goes with Smith in free agency.

I submitted the pick before the official announcement of the Marvel Smith signing.  However, it might still remain a possibility that the team goes for an offensive lineman if Oher or Andre Smith is available at #10.  The question though is playing time.  With a potentially healthy Marvel Smith slotted for right tackle, do you really want an offensive tackle making top 10 pick money sitting on the bench?

MTD's comment about Oher possibly starting at guard got me thinking about that possibility.  Of course, in the current situation, that still could mean Oher/Smith sitting their rookie year.  Chilo Rachal is firmly establishing himself as the 49ers right guard and the team has David Baas at left guard.  Baas is in his final year under contract, but that still means he'll be around this coming season.

Do the 49ers really want to have a second straight season of a relatively inactive first round pick?  Is that the most efficient decision?  Because it certainly seems like a very real possibility if the 49ers go with an offensive lineman in the first round.  I realize you want to try and draft the best player available, and you want to have as much depth as possible at every position.  However, there are financial and playing time issues that do have to play in to any decision.  Am I missing something?