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J.T. O'Mulligan and Rex Grossman visiting Cincinnati? Well that's just spectacular

One topic that has been studiously avoided like the plague is J.T. O'Mulligan (thanks to Florida Danny for that one).  I think it's safe to say that the odds of him returning to the 49ers in 2009 are somewhere between slim and none.  I like to imagine that the 49ers changed their phone number and the locks in Santa Clara so that JTO would stay out of town.

However, in a not so surprising bit of news, there is a team out there with interest in O'Mulligan as a backup.  The Cincinnati Bengals had JTO in for a visit yesterday to fill the primary backup QB role, now that Ryan Fitzpatrick has signed with the Bills.  Given that Carson Palmer is the clear-cut starter in Cincinnati, this is probably a good use of JTO's services.  He certainly has talent, but since he can't hold onto the ball to save his life, I don't see how he could ever be a consistent starter in the NFL.

The other reason I mention the link above from Cincy Jungle is because the Bengals will be hosting Rex Grossman later this week.  Again, given that the Bengals are looking for a backup QB, it's not the worst thing in the world.  However, I still find it funny that they're trying to sign these two quarterbacks.  Grossman does have the Super Bowl trip on his side, but we all know the lows Grossman brings.

Either way, it's certainly a sign of things quieting down a bit in free agency.  There are still very solid options out there, but we won't be seeing another flurry like we did over the weekend.  For the 49ers, that means that aside from potentially Demetric Evans, I wouldn't expect many more signings.  They still need help at free safety, and Sean Jones is sitting out there, although he's been a strong safety in the NFL.  As for the offensive line, I'd imagine the team will address a potential right tackle through the draft.

With that, I leave you with fond memories of JTO and a tribute to Rex Grossman.

J.T. O'Mulligan:

And the Sex Cannon: