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Golden Nuggets: Is Warner Watch Over Yet?

Morning folks, James here. I've got a few links for you but you can guess what the majority of them are about, right? Well if not you're about to get really sick of a certain quarterback wearing red. No, he's not on the Niners but everyone and their mother seems to want him here--Kurt Warner. People cant seem to get over the fact that its just not going to happen. Of course, this is the internet and if I'm wrong I fully expect to be ridiculed but I wont be on the Kurt Warner bandwagon even if we do sign him. Either way I've got some quality links for you regardless, and I'm kind of in a hurry so I apologize for anything that may feel rushed. (You know, like this introduction.) Either way, enjoy folks.

Maiocco has more thoughts on Warner, and whether or not we can get him. (

The NFL announced the draft order yesterday through round seven. (

Catching up with an ex-49er, Gene Washington. (

The 49ers deny making an actual offer to Warner when he visited. (

You hit the nail on the head with this article Samuel. Kurt Warner IS using us. (

A look at our defense and its needs. I'm kind of scared about the lack of safety discussion these days. (

A stadium update--the 49ers had good talks with San Francisco. Great news. (

You know Kurt Warner wouldn't be the first QB to leave a super bowl team the next season. (