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Demetric Evans leaves town without a contract

So now we've got two folks leaving town without a contract.  According to Maiocco, Demetric Evans is heading back to DC to consider the 49ers offer and any Redskins offer:

"He's back in Washington, D.C., deliberating," Rosenhaus said. "He had an awesome visit with the 49ers, so he's going to decide between the 49ers and going back to the Redskins. He should have a decision by the end of the week."

Evans was a backup in Washington, but it sounds like he'd be given a legit chance at starting out here.  According to his scouting report:

He gets knocked around, while attempting to read blocking schemes. He has enough strength to stack and shed, but he plays with inconsistent technique . . . He has good strength to create movement on the inline power rush. He shows adequate hand use when attempting other moves, but lacks the top speed.

For now I don't know enough about Evans to make a judgment about this one way or the other.  If he decides on the 49ers I'll definitely chat with Hogs Haven about Evans.