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49ers allow Mark Roman to look for trade

For anyone curious what would happen at free safety, this certainly clears up a lot of issues.  As first reported by Albert Breer of The Sporting News (and linked by Maiocco - thanks to sfgfan for getting it in the Nuggets), the 49ers have told Mark Roman and his agent that they can look for a potential trade.

As Maiocco and Barrows surmised in quotations from Roman's agent, Mike Singletary informed Roman that he would be the backup at free safety, coming in primarily for nickel and dime situations.  According to all the reports, the 49ers at this point are planning on going with Dashon Goldson as the starting free safety.  It's not exactly a shocking bit of news and there's still time for it to change.

Elias had only nice things to say, which is always a good thing when a player might be relatively unhappy:

"Mark wants to stay in San Francisco, but he also wants to be a starter . . . If he has to be in a limited role, he'll do that. We appreciate the 49ers giving Mark an opportunity to find a starting job.
. . .

"That's why Coach Singletary is going to be such a great coach . . . He is so honest with his players, and that's all Mark could ask for. Coach Singletary told him he thought his role was going to be as a safety on nickel and dime situations. So he'd play all third downs, but he probably wouldn't be a starter."

I've been high on Goldson since last training camp and now it seems he'll be getting another opportunity to be the man at free safety.  He played well in camp last season but was never quite able to take the job from Roman for whatever reason.  Once the season began, Goldson was dogged by injuries.  If he wants to win and hold onto the starting free safety job, he better find a way to stay healthy.