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Whoaaaah Nellie: Cowboys cut Terrell Owens!

Michael Smith of ESPN is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys have cut wide receiver Terrell Owens.  I realize there'd been talk of this happening, but it's still a rather stunning turn of events in my mind.

I was thinking the offseason would quiet down after the Warner saga, but this just heats it right back up.  One of the funnier lines of analysis was over at Rotoworld.  After going over his stats and contract numbers, the first sentence was:

He'll likely draw interest from the Raiders.

Would anybody really be surprised to see TO end up in the Silver and Black?  If you are, I've got some prime real estate to sell you.  Wherever he ends up, while a malcontent much of the time, TO is still a very solid receiver in this league.  Whomever signs him is getting a talented performer.

Naturally that begs the question, how long until the first comment of "SIGN TO!!!" here at Niners Nation?