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Wacky, Wild Wednesday 49ers/NFL news recap

Heading into yesterday, I had three posts planned: Ninjames' Golden Nuggets, my J.T. O'Mulligan post and the Niners Nation 101 post.  I figured something might come up with the Warner situation, so I had a post planned for that as well and that took care of itself.  Little did I know how the rest of the day would go.

Since so much was happening, we ended up with 9 front page posts and 2 front page FanShots.  The one drawback to this is that things got pushed down to the bottom of the page rather quickly, and will disappear to the abyss known as page 2 much sooner than normal.  So, I figured I would put together a Thursday morning recap so you know where to find the various discussions from yesterday.  All links are to the Niners Nation front page post related to the subject:

  • Terrell Owens: There had been discussion he might get cut at some point this offseason, but I have to say, I was still surprised that it went down.  Let the rumor mill now swirl.
  • Demetric Evans: Talk about your seesaw days.  First he left town without signing a contract, so he could consider his options between the 49ers and the Redskins.  Then, yesterday evening, it's reported that he came to terms with the 49ers on a 2 year, $3.8M contract.
  • Damon Huard/Takeo Spikes: The Spikes signing was just the physical signing of the contract that had been agreed to last Friday.  The Huard signing came out of nowhere, but is clearly about adding a body for training camp.
  • Mark Roman: The 49ers informed Roman and his agent that since he would much prefer starting somwhere, he was more than welcome to find a possible trading partner.

So there you have it.  A rather full day indeed.  Particularly for just a random offseason Wednesday.  We'll have a morning post at 9am pacific, but for now, there's plenty to discuss from yesterday.