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Golden Nuggets: Warner Watch Is Over, T.O. Watch... Please No!

Morning everyone, James here. There's quite a bit going on today. I'm finally glad all that Kurt Warner nonsense is over and done with, he's with the Cardinals now things can be nice and qui--WHAT? T.O. was released, that's swell. Plus a slew of other things went down so there's plenty of news for you. My useless banter for today will center around T.O. since he loves the attention so much. I don't think the Niners will go for him, if only we could get the super-productive T.O. minus the problems I'd be down. Its one of those things I wish we could get him in like a very "quiet signing" you know? You know? Either way, if we get T.O. then "wow." I'll shutup now and give you some links though expect some heavy recapping from Fooch later this morning.

Kurt Warner most certainly played the 49ers in free agency. (

Yes, T.O. was cut. How many of you want him? (

We signed QB Damon Huard, and I hope all of you know he's not going to be starting unlike what you might read in some of those comments. (

The 49ers have given S Mark Roman permission to look for a trade. This isn't surprising to me, glad we didn't just cut him though as he's been good for the locker room. (

And we've now agreed to terms with DE Demetric Evans. (

We also resigned Takeo Spikes. This is good news. (

The whole Kurt Warner in San Francisco thing didn't make any sense. (

I'm not the only one happy we didn't land Warner--Shaun Hill is as well! (

T.O. out of the question? Yeah, yeah he is. (