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Golden Nuggets: Close the door on T.O... Please!

Morning everyone, James here. I actually almost forgot about the Nuggets today, but lucky for all of you (yeah right) I didn't and you'll get to enjoy my random thoughts and opinions that generally don't have any basis to them or meaning to any of you! Ok, so I know you all read for the news and me talking is basically filler (one of these days I'm just gonna talk about something obscure like waffles and see if anyone notices) but I enjoy doing it and maybe one or two of you read it. That being said, who's up for some waffles er... I mean links! There's not a ton going on in Ninerland but either way I've got some stuff for you and you can expect more on T.O. since well.. he's T.O., you know? Enjoy.

T.O. would not be a good fit here. Other than the fact that he'd be a great weapon to free up the running game we want, T.O. still wants the ball. Unless of course he just wants a contract before retiring now in which case sign sign sign. (

Just a general recap of what's been going on in Ninerland. I wonder why God keeps telling players not to play in San Francisco. Personally, I'm offended. (

A source close to the 49ers said "No" to Owens by McCloughan says that we "don't close any doors." Well I for one am about to head to 49er headquarters and board the [site decorum] door up myself. I wonder if Samuel Lam will come with me. We could have a good laugh while we're at it. (,

Here's two possible free agent acquisitions the 49ers could be looking at (providing Torry Holt is released) (

An article I cant bring myself to read BUT that I guarantee is well-thought out, well-written and other such things. I just cant immerse myself in talks about uniforms, the picture is snazzy though. Possible look for new unis? (

How do you feel about Scot McCloughan? Has he done a good job to you? (

49ers to look at CB Eric Green. (

Man these guys love the sound of breaking another human in half. I love it. Top hits of 2008 for the Niners. (

So what will happen with Alex Smith? I'm not sure and frankly I'm not looking at it with too much scrutiny, I don't feel like the kid has a future honestly. (

J.T. O'Sullivan signed with the Bengals to back up Carson Palmer. (

So its very clear the Redskins didn't want newly signed 49er DE Demetric Evans. But why? (