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Golden Nuggets: Not much today, folks...

Morning, morning. (Unless you're reading this in the afternoon, in which case good afternoon. If you're reading this in the evening: shame on you.) James here with another edition of the Nuggets. There's not much today, and I mean that this time. I don't really have very much substantial news but I've got the daily dose of opinions, rumors and what not. There are a few things so of course I'll link to those and you, as a reader, shall diligently click every single one of them. Also be sure to go participate in the t-shirt brainstorming thread here at the Nation, (I've kinda not done that yet, but I've been incredibly busy) there's some good ideas and I wanna make sure the shirt I get is ten kinds of awesome.

Make sure you check out the Niners Nation t-shirt brainstorming threadd and contribute if you've got any ideas. (

Maiocco posted an entertaining update throughout the day yesterday on free agency. (

Singletary did make a hire, though, bringing in an offensive assistant. (

An article that, while not really having to do with the Niners takes a look at great athletes with, so to speak, baggage. (

Will our new philosophy work? We've come a long way from the Walsh era of out-smarting our opponents, Singletary wants to beat 'em up and hit 'em in the mouth. So I ask again... will it work? (

QB Damon Huard is comfortable with the 49ers offense. (

Aaaand yesterday's edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. (

Barrows talks about T.O. and takes a look at Billy Bajema among other blocking tight ends. (

That's all for now, hoping to update soon but no promises.