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Sunday Morning NFL & 49ers Ramblings

Well, aside from the fact that Terrell Owens has signed with the Bills, things are otherwise pretty quiet on the football front.  Accordingly, I thought I'd just put together some ramblings on a variety of football topics.  Feel free to answer any of my questions, or contribute your own ramblings.

The upside to this TO signing is that we can end the TO-to-49ers discussion.  And while the Bills are now improved, we certainly don't have to deal wtih them for the next few years.  Tim Graham had an interesting article about the move and how it's a solid move by the Bills. 

It's a one year deal for $500,000 less than what the Bengals will be paying Laveranues Coles on average.  There are obviously the headaches that TO brings to the table, but I wonder if a 1-year deal might negate some of that?  He's playing for his next contract so maybe they get a walk-year bounce.  I don't know what will happen in subsequent years, but even with a QB like Trent Edwards (whose overall talent remains a bit in question), I think the season works out well for TO.  Enough so that I think they're a playoff contender now.

As for the 49ers, I'm a bit disappointed the 49ers didn't grab Igor Olshansky, but I am definitely intrigued by Demetric Evans.  I don't know if he'll end up starting, but I think he'll give Balmer and Sopoaga a run for their money in training camp.

Ray Willis re-signed with the Seahawks for two more years.  Another guy I wanted to get a crack at, but will just have to deal wtihout.  In relating this to the draft, I've got a question.  If the 49ers don't get a guy like Raji, Brown or Orakpo, we'd be looking at an offensive lineman like Andre Smith or Michael Oher. 

What I wonder is whether you want to pay first round money for a right tackle?  The talk is always about the value of the left tackle, but the 49ers obviously have a need at right tackle.  Personally, I think if you've got the cap space, might as well go for it.  Andre Smith and Michael Oher are definitely the bigger question marks of the first round offensive linemen.  It would certainly be a roll of the dice, particularly given that we already know that they may have some head issues.

I remember when free agency kicked off, there was some discussion of Deuce McAllister.  Aside from recovering from arthroscopic surgery and having one of his car dealerships file for bankruptcy protection, Deuce has not been up to a whole heck of a lot.  I'd imagine that once he gets healthy he'll start talking to teams.  I could see him ending up like Takeo Spikes in that he signs with someone once training camp gets going.

Of course that doesn't mean it'll be in San Francisco.  I could definitely see the 49ers investing in a mid to late round running back to compete with Thomas Clayton and Michael Robinson for playing time.  There are some very solid youngsters worth considering.  Rashad Jennings of Liberty intrigues me, as does Gartrell Johnson of Colorado State.  Speaking of which, we don't have blogs for either team so I'm working on some alternative ways to put together scouting reports on those two guys.

Speaking of scouting reports, anybody here go to Cal Poly or at least see their football games the last?  I ask because I'd love to get a scouting report on Ramses Barden from someone who's actually seen him.  Shoot me an email ( if you can so we can get something put together.  I found a Cal Poly blogger but haven't heard back from him yet.

Speaking of scouting reports again, if you go to a football school not represented at SB Nation, and you think the 49ers might look at one of your players, I'd love to get a scouting report from you if you've got a chance.  Again, shoot me an email on that, or leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you.