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Golden Nuggets: The T.O. news can stop here, yay!

Morning all, James here. (Imagine that.) There's really not a lot going on today, or yesterday besides you know, the signing of T.O. to Buffalo. I'm really not surprised, I knew he was going to be off the market really quick despite what everyone's said about him being a a cancer and what not. So what do we have going on in Ninerland? Well I'll give you the links I have but for the most part you're best off discussing things around Niners Nation and what not. We look at the QB situation, T.O., the draft, T.O., free agency, T.O. and... well, that's about it. I'm sick of T.O. already but I'm certain we'll be hearing more, though you probably wont find more links about him in my Nuggets as he wont be affecting the Niners at all.

And yes, T.O. was signed. To the Bills. I hope that's the end of it on the Nation to be honest. (

A look at our QB situation. I really like Shaun Hill for next season, quote me on this all day folks but he's going to play well. (

Would the 49ers trade up in the draft? Its an interesting prospect and we might be able to handle it. (

Again, head over to the Niners Nation t-shirt brainstorming thread. (

Newly signed DE Demetric Evans speaks, looking forward to 3-4 defense. (

The pro bowl will return to Hawaii in 2011, the article has some other points too concerning the Niners. (

That's all for now.