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Golden Nuggets: Draft time... I wish it was here.

Morning folks, James here. Are you starved for news? Well that sucks, and I feel for you. The really bad thing is... well, so am I. There's not much going on, we're truly into the waiting part of the offseason. Free agency is on its last legs as far as excitement goes and all that can be speculated about the draft has just about been speculated. T.O. found a team, Kurt Warner snuffed us pretty bad, and a bunch of other stuff I cant think of that definitely happened--happened. So what have we gained so far? Not a whole lot, the 49ers are largely going to be unchanged from last year personnel-wise though I'm really starting to like the signing of DE Demetric Evans. Either way I'll give you what links I can, enjoy and discuss.

An interesting idea for a way for athletes to give back to the fans--too bad it wont ever happen. (

A look at last week, what happened, what could've happen, and what would've happend if what could've happened... happened. Did you get all that? (

The 49ers approach in free agency was more to fill roles rather than make headlines. Right now I'm wishing for a few headlines. (

Barrows hosts a Q&A. I love these things, not sure why. (

Sopoaga is set to battle with Aubrayo Franklin at NT for the 49ers this upcoming season. (