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Golden Nuggets: Cutler in SF? Make it happen.

Morning everybody, James here with your daily edition of the Golden Nuggets. Its ironic that I opened with that considering I didn't even post them yesterday, so I'll go ahead and start off with "whoops." But really, my internet was down for some reason I don't quite understand. Either way, I'm back today (and stronger than ever!) Also, I contemplated doing some elaborate April Fools Day prank but I wasn't clever enough to think of one. (I've been telling friends that I got a girl other than my girlfriend pregnant, seems to be working well but you guys don't know me well enough to care!) So beyond all that, I've got a decent number of links for you today, so read on, enjoy, and have a happy fake holiday!

Be sure to head over to the official Jay Cutler Trading Block thread. Should be some good stuff in there. (

So here's more on the stadium business in Santa Clara. (

So if we go OT with the 10th pick.. which one will it be? (

Do we have the goods to acquire Cutler from the Broncos? I'm not convinced, but hey, go for it Niners. (

So Sanchez with the tenth overall pick? No, I think not. I really hope not, that is. (

OT Marvel Smith isn't afraid to compete for a starting job. This is cool, I guess? (

Is Isaac Bruce going to retire? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Either way, if he does, I'd like to see more of Jason Hill, he played well last season and seems to have a lot of drive and potential. I like him over Josh Morgan. (

Here's a conference call with Marvel Smith. (

The Rams signed TE Billy Bajema. I'm not too bothered by his loss. (